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A message from T:

The purpose of any great thing is...? The answer is to share it. The purpose of any great gift is to share that gift with others. The purpose of any great talent is to share that talent with as many people as you can reach. The purpose of any great mission is to guide others. Likewise, the purpose of any great journey is to travel it with others. And finally, the purpose of a great voice is to lift it for the world to hear.

TRUST ME, YOU WILL NEVER BE GIVEN OR RETAIN ANY GREAT TALENT OR PURPOSE unless you are willing to share it. I have two talents: Speaking and writing. As a result I have one mission in life: TO REACH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE USING MY TALENTS.

Purpose Contract:

Promise me that when you leave this page, you will take a few minutes out of everyday and invest in finding that purpose. Don’t live this life without purpose. Don’t take a step without consulting your inner spirit that guides you to great places. Leave this page with a commitment in your heart that you are going to find out what makes you unique and you will spend the rest of your life fulfilling that which you were designed for. After you have made that commitment, I want you to read and sign the PURPOSE CONTRACT and hold on to it and share it with someone who you know will help you keep your commitment and no one else. If everyone took their purpose as seriously as those who have made great inroads in this world, we would have a different world. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. I would like to see the world after you are done.

~ Titanya Hughes

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