Meet Titanya Hughes

Motivating Inspiration & Purpose for Over 10 Years

After years of traveling the world over, developing the network, experience, exposure and skill to successfully lead an international organization, Titanya founded T.A.G. International, Inc. T.A.G. International, Inc. is an international consulting firm focused on creating and executing marketing and management strategies for companies ready to expand, take their businesses global and/or successfully manage change within an organization.

The success Titanya sought and found inspired an unbelievable passion and need for her to give herself completely and totally to others to help awaken the drive and passion for others to live complete lives. Lives which are fully devoted to living up to one's full and complete potential and purpose and allowing that to domino into every aspect of their lives.

Titanya Hughes“Before tspeaks, I never stopped long enough or sat still enough to listen to me. Then one day, I found myself facing tremendous personal and professional challenges completely immobilizing me. It was at this place in my life that I discovered my life compass or my inner voice. In this time of deep reflection, I knew my challenge would be to allow life to turn my difficulties into opportunities for others. Since, I decided to turn my voice over to a greater purpose - inspiring others to find their purpose and thus tspeaks was born!

TTspeaks is the birth or rather discovery of my true self or at least that of a person I aspire to be. A person who has an openness and a sincere belief in a world of possibilities and the opportunity for those around her to live full, complete, generous and successful lives.

I realized in a single, silent, solitude moment, that I was going to have to live the rest of my life with me. And I wanted to enjoy that person, that spirit and that life as richly and as fully as I could.”

- Titanya Hughes

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